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Corporate vision:

Become a boundless chemical organization.

Silicon Carbon Mouse (Guangzhou) Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative chemical organization focusing on the ultimate chemicals. It has a chemical vertical e-commerce platform - sicmouse.Com, which focuses on highly competitive chemicals and bases on them.In the "product manager" new model, dedicated to solving the world's top chemical man value creation and value returns.

Enterprise mission: enlarge the value created by chemical people.
Core values: openness, transparency, achievement of
Product positioning: standard products, iterative products, subversive products.
Slogan: converging the strength of chemical people
Humanity concept: let you become the best chemical engineer
Internet concept: extreme, word of mouth, price, fast.

Brand elaboration

Tian Mao cat, Tencent penguin, Jingdong dog, millet rabbit, now has silicon carbon mouse.
Chinese Internet companies prefer animals.
Why do we choose silicon carbon mouse?
The mouse symbolizes spirituality. It is smart, smart, responsive, swift and vigorous.
It is in line with the changing style of the Internet age.
More importantly, for a team of engineers who focus on innovative chemical research and development,
Conical flasks, white coats and mice are the most familiar elements in the laboratory.
For hundreds of years, it has contributed silently to various scientific experiments and promoted human progress.
Now she has become a doctor of mice, elegant, professional, profound and lovely.
Just as we have reached the limit of reason, there is temperature.

Treating a product is like your child.
We are patient, nurturing, caring and hardworking.
Until it becomes the ultimate, no harm.。
It is the heart of our career and the pride of subverting the industry.
We always cherish the love and appreciation of materials.

Silicon carbon mouse products have the soul, because we are not satisfied with simple manufacturing.
Every creation, from R & D, production to sales,
It's like carving a piece of art handed down from generation to generation,
It is a group of dedicated chemical people who are devoted to the pursuit of extreme chemicals.

However, we are not only making cold industrial products, but also humanistic care, responsibility and mission dream.
Besides functions, we also have sensibility. We link the world with silicon and carbon, and beautify human life with pure silicone.