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SiC Mouse (Guangzhou) Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology-based enterprise focusing on extreme chemicals, with a Silicon Carbon Mouse (SICMOUSE. COM) e-commerce platform. The platform focuses on extreme chemicals, professional technical support, extremely high cost-effective and fast logistics channels, making chemical trading easier, faster, safer and more efficient.

The silicon carbon mouse product is centered on silicon and expands in the direction of silicon and carbon links. Focus on the ultimate chemicals, for subversion is the concept of silicon carbon rat products, each category only polished a model, each product has a professional team to operate independently. We only do the ultimate chemicals, accurately achieve market demand, create new value.

Rat adheres to the core values of transparency, achievement and openness, and its vision is to become a dream enterprise of chemical man. Based on the sharing and eco-chain model, we are recruiting product managers worldwide to create a sound, efficient and high-quality chemical ecosphere.

We are patient, nurturing, caring and hardworking.
Until it becomes the ultimate, no harm.
It is the heart of our career and the pride of subverting the industry.
We always cherish the love and appreciation of materials.

Silicon carbon mouse products have the soul, because we are not satisfied with simple manufacturing. Every creation, from research and development, production to sales, is like carving a handed-down work of art. It is the devotion and pursuit of a group of dedicated chemists to the ultimate chemicals.